Developing Leaders

Companies that perform exceptionally well have remarkable leaders.

While every organization has its share of smart, capable people, even good technical performers struggle to convert what they know about leadership into action as a leader. At the Opdyke Consulting Group we take a comprehensive approach to leadership development by addressing behaviors and attitudes that impact performance. We start with self-awareness and personality assessments and move through competency-based development strategies, all with your outcomes in mind.

Our high energy, interactive training modules are based on solid learning theory but incorporate real world practice and fun planned learning experiences designed to quickly move your team members from theory to action.

These programs, combined with individual or team coaching, can help even the most seasoned executives enhance their competencies and can expedite the learning process for managers and professionals transitioning into broader leadership roles.

To boost organization-wide performance and maximize contributions from your team, The Opdyke Consulting Group has developed a variety of ways to nurture and grow your team members into outstanding leaders, managers and contributors, like:

  •  Senior Leadership Series – These modules focus on the strategic role of leaders and the competencies they require to steer the organization and its people in an ever-changing world.  It also addresses how to “manage up” to a board of directors while leading change from within.  Common outcomes include an increased ability to anticipate and navigate change; better communication and clarity for the organization; and, enhanced employee trust and engagement.
  • Management and Supervisory Skills Series – This series encompasses the core skills and competencies of management and supervision including effective communication, managing projects and people, conflict resolution, coaching and motivating employees and teams. Outcomes include stronger supervisors, increased productivity, fewer grievances and increased leadership bench strength.
  • Individual Professional Development Programs – These practical, hands-on programs are targeted for individual contributors or those seeking additional knowledge or skill enhancement in a specific area of expertise. Subjects include DiSC self-assessment, communication, team behaviors and performance, problem solving, process improvement and customer service.
  • Leadership Coaching – One of the most effective individual professional development tools for leaders and organizations committed to achieving the highest levels of performance and effectiveness.  Like a personal trainer, a coach helps you clarify your personal and professional goals and develop strategies and action items to address them.  This is a very personal process and is built on trust, respect and keeping confidences.  For leaders in stressful roles, coaches can help sort through the daily barrage of information and challenges and define a clear path forward.
  • Team Development and Coaching – Teams, each with its own dynamic and challenges, can also benefit from shared coaching and development programs targeted on increased effectiveness. Participating in a development program together or utilizing the services of a team coach can help the group navigate differences, enhance communication and collaboration and deliver stronger results.

We Focus On You

Every engagement starts with you. Our specialists listen to your concerns, ask probing questions, challenge your assumptions and help you reframe the issues to reveal new opportunities and paths for improvement.
We then develop a strategy and customize our leadership and professional development programs to get the outcomes you need.  Our objective is to identify and remove barriers to progress, change behaviors and approaches, and enable your leaders to confidently move forward in ways that will deliver the results you want for your organization.

What Clients Say

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Marilyn a number of times over the past five years…one of the things I really appreciate…is that she takes care to learn as much as she can about an organization and helps to hone what they really need. This is not a cookie-cutter approach; it’s a well-planned method to create a truly customized experience for her clients. She is organized, thorough, flexible and has a wonderful sense of humor. I always look forward to working with Marilyn!” – Susan Steele, Digital Confidence Builder

“Marilyn has command of the audience, she is a very engaging and personable speaker. She leaves all attendees with new insights and techniques; her material is easy to understand and put to use immediately.” – Brenda Meller, Director of Marketing, Walsh College